• Jackson Lobo

Why SwiftCop does not deserve rights

You really even aren’t on sneaker twitter if you don't know who Anthony aka SwiftCop is. He has one of the biggest followings for a sneaker reseller in the game. Some of his ego is deserved but get “changed the sneaker game” out your fucking bio. Thats some real lame egotistical shit. His big claim to fame is “The Sneaker Bible” which is a book or something. If you think I would buy something like that you must be on crack. I consider the service on par with a service like heatedsneaks or some shit. Is it a cook group or an actual book? I have no clue. But it definitely seems like something washed 15 year olds would buy because they heard their friend made 150$ reselling a single pair of Yeezy Blue Tints.

Anyway this article isn’t just be gonna be talking shit, only most of it. This is the story about how this fucktard ended up making me pay 170$ for a pair of Jordan 1 Guava Ices. Of course you know my dumbass ended up getting a shit size like a size 12. Anyways I’m stuck with this brick and will probably be in the hole for about 100$. I can’t even wear these shits because they are GOD UGLY. And yes the lowest ask is my shoe, call me a broke boi all you want I don't want this shit sitting on my shelf for any longer.

This was back in the first week of September 2018, a couple days after the release of the Jordan 1 Nigel Sylvesters, a shoe that you probably completely forgot about but it goes for about double retail and was extremely hard to cop. Anywho, it was about 11:30 at night, I was high as shit because

So this dumb motherfucker SwiftCop thought it would be funny to tweet out the link to the Guava Ices that were sitting on Undefeated because its a massive brick. So big of a brick that if I dropped the shoe on my balls I would lose my ability to have children. The shoes do look somewhat similar, a Jordan 1 with an off-white type color to it. So I click this link thinking it was a Nigel Sylvester restock as he said. I use my fast fingers (ladies dm me) and quick intellectual skills to check out to secure some nice profit. It's not until I fully check out do I check the colorway on the order confirmation email. Rather than saying Sail/White-Varsity as I was expecting, it turned out to say Guava Ice/ Sail. For the washed kids in the audience, Undefeated has a very strict no return policy so there would be no way for me to get my money back. This cuck made me spend retail on a shoe going for about half retail. Thanks.

Please dm @SwiftCop on twitter “” so i can hopefully recoup the 100$ I lost to his troll.

Im very salty

~ Jackson Lobo


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