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On the Nature of (Reselling) Things

Ahh, the sweet smell of capitalism. Freeing, isn't it? Natural order, personified and executed by the bourgeois! Just kidding, I'll stop writing like a twat.

Reselling was GREAT for a few years there. Golden age, I'm telling you. Sure, there was a "sneaker Twitter", but it hadn't come close to the burgeoning "resell Twitter" of today.

Bots? Yeah, some of us had Chrome extensions tied to public VPNs. But the game wasn't saturated. If you had a $50 shoe bot, you were ahead of everyone else. There were no servers, no Cyber, no mass account creation etc.. It was a hobbyist's market.

If memory serves correctly, this cutie was one of the first "shoe bots".

I still remember being able to manually cop a number of exclusive Nike shoes by looking up the "style code" on Nike's search bar a couple of minutes before the public drop on the @nikestore twitter. If you were reselling shoes, manual worked. Camping in line worked. There was profit everywhere, and the market was intimate. But this changed quickly as we ushered in the age of the resellers...

I created this blog as a sort of passion project to share my thoughts on the reselling industry as a whole, as well as try as best I can to document the history of this whacky Twitter enclave. I'll be updating this blog frequently with guest writers that many of you may have heard of, as well as some surprise guest that you'd never expect.


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