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How I Made $26,000 Reselling My Grandma’s Antiques While She Was In The Hospital

When most people get a phone call from the hospital about their beloved relatives’ medical emergencies they get scared. And I was, believe me. My grandma Claudia is one of the people I care about most... but I’ve always been a searcher or silver linings, and an opportunist at heart.

Grandma Claudia in the hospital bed

When I got the call that Grandma Claudia had suffered from a terrible fall, my mind immediately rushed to the vintage silverware and dolls in her (now empty) house. And guess who has an extra key?

"I'm on my way." I told the nurse on the phone. But little did she know, I didn't mean I was on my way to the hospital. I was on my way over to the treasure trove.

I stacked boxes upon boxes of her ancient relics into my pickup truck without even thinking about it. Piles upon piles of priceless dining sets from the 1950s, toys from her childhood, and more. I even found one of her purses, filled with (*cha-ching!*) a few hundred dollar bills and Barnes and Noble gift cards! Score of a lifetime.

I never did visit my grandma in the hospital that day. But I did clear a profit, and bought myself an all new closet full of box logos, Off White collaboration shoes, and even a few skate decks (no, I don't personally skate, but I really enjoy the artwork!).

Thanks, Grandma!

Claudia was cleared from the hospital 2 weeks after this incident occurred. She no longer speaks with the author of this article, and has filed a criminal suit.

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